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Where To Find Bouncy Castle And Soft Play Hire Surrey

There’s no doubt that a bouncy castle combined with soft play is a win where a kid’s party is concerned. Finding a great, trusted supplier isn’t always easy though so we’ve put together the best people for bouncy castle and soft play hire Surrey to make your life that little bit easier. 

We love these suppliers because they all have a range of versatile packages that combine great soft play with beautiful bouncy castles. All of these suppliers provide white bouncy castles and neutral soft play so they’re great options if you’re all about that aesthetic!

Most of these suppliers offer both indoor and outdoor mobile soft play hire Surrey so great if you;re having a party at home or if you’ve booked a venue. 

Don’t forget to look at these other soft play suppliers if you’re looking for soft play hire without the castle!

1. Posh Totz – Bouncy Castles and Soft Play Parties

Posh Totz is an absolutely leader in the soft play space. They have multiple packages, all of which can include a bouncy castle. They also have specific packages for toddlers with toddler castles. Posh Totz provide expert soft play hire Surrey so the kids are sure to stay entertained for hours on end and your guests will be amazed at your stunning entertainment. 

You can look at their packages and book Posh Totz here. 

2. House of Houghton – Bouncy Castle And Soft Play Hire Surrey 

Soft Play Hire Surrey
Soft Play Hire Surrey

House of Houghton are known for their stunning setups. They have special setups with toddler bouncy castles so they’re a great option if you are looking for entertainment for a 1st birthday or toddlers. All of their packages are neutral colours and will work really with any theme. 

Take a look at House of Houghton’s package and book here

3. Bubba Greens – Soft Play Surrey

Bubba Greens offer soft play and bouncy castle packages including a beautiful grey and white toddler castle and a large white castle. Their gorgeous grey and white bouncy castle + soft play package is perfect for parents looking for baby soft play hire Surrey.  

We love Bubba Greens because they cover quite a large area of Surrey! 

Their setups include pastel pink, grey and white soft play – perfect for parties that need to blank canvas to match an existing theme or if you’re just looking for a neutral vibe. 

You can look through their packages and book here. 

4. Blossom & Bounce – Soft Play Party Hire Surrey 

Soft play hire in Surrey on Kids Party Town

Blossom & Bounce have a diverse range of soft play setups including blue, pink and white. They have a white toddler castle and also a stunning carousel castle that can be added to any package. Anyone looking to hire soft play Surrey will find a great option from Blossom & Bounce. 

Blossom & Bounce are very experienced at creating beautiful set ups that will keep the kids happy and look absolutely amazing while doing it. 

Take a look at their packages and book direct here. 

If you want more information about hiring soft play in Surrey, check out our complete guide with all the info  you need to book the best thing for your child’s party.

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