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Top 9 Fun Party Games For Kids To Play in 2022

Top 9 Fun Party Games For Kids To Play in 2022

One of the best parts of any kids’ party is the games. Here’s a list of 9 fun party games for kids that you can include at your next children’s party, including party games suitable for a range of ages.

Musical animals: a twist on a classic kids’ party game

A good variation on musical statues. When the music stops, an adult shouts the name of an animal and all the children have to act like that animal. Prizes can be given to the most convincing animal actors! 🦁 A great idea if you’re hosting an animal-themed party.

Balloon waddle 🎈

Every child puts a balloon between their legs then has to race to the finish line, being careful not to drop or pop the balloon! 

The Doughnut Challenge 🍩

Very trendy at the moment. Hang a long string or washing line horizontally between two walls, or somewhere in the garden. Then, put some ring doughnuts onto the string. Each child has a doughnut, and they must try to eat the doughnut off of the string – without using their hands! Here’s a funny video example.


Customise this however you want to match your theme. For example, each bingo card for a superhero party could have pictures of different Marvel characters on it. 🦸‍♂️

Wheelbarrow race 

This classic never gets old and is entertaining for everyone involved. If you hire a children’s entertainer, they’ll likely be happy to organise this.

Party Games For Kids Party

Balloon Stomp

Every child gets a balloon and ties it to one ankle with a bit of string. Then, all the children have to try to burst the other children’s balloons by stamping on them, without letting their own balloon get burst.

Giant Jenga 🧱

Jenga is a fun and tense game as it is, and the giant version is even better. It’s probably best not to play this one with smaller children as you’ll spend more time stacking up the blocks than you will playing the game! 

Chopstick challenge 🥢

Tricky but very enjoyable. Each child has a minute to see how many Smarties (or M&Ms, or other hard chocolate) they can move from one bowl to another.

Obstacle course relay race

Set up a mini obstacle course using inflatables, ball pits and other objects. Then split the children into teams and get them to race through the course. 🏃‍♀️ 

Now that you’ve got some ideas for what games to play at your child’s party, have a look at the ultimate guide to throwing a kids’ party to help with everything else you need to think about.

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