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14 Party Themes That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

14 Party Themes That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Party themes determine everything that goes on at a party. Good party themes are ones that are easy for everyone to get involved with but that also keep everyone entertained.

There are some party themes that have stood the test of time and will never get old. Here are 14 for you to think about for your next party:

Classic party themes

1. Pamper party: prepare for lots of glamour and face masks! 💅

2. Space party: we’ll always be obsessed with space, so a space-themed party is sure to make lots of people happy. 🚀

3. Animal party: whether we’re talking about lions 🦁, monkeys 🐵 or elephants 🐘, children love animals. An animal party theme is always fun and is pretty easy to decorate for, too.

4. Circus party: create a carnival atmosphere with this fun party theme. 🎪

5. Dinosaur party: dinosaurs have lasted in our imaginations for this long, so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon! 🦖

6. Pink party: or a party themed around your child’s favourite colour, whatever that might be! 🌸

7. Lego party: this theme will mostly be about the decorations rather than the costumes, but will be loved by any young builder. 🧱

8. Unicorn party: usually a girls’ party theme, these mythical creatures continue to captivate children. 🦄

9. Under-the-sea party: as we said earlier, children love animals – and the sea can be something even more fascinating! Brace yourself for seahorses, turtles and whales, like at this party! 🐳

Party Themes: Unicorn Party

Themes based on specific characters

10. Superhero party: with new superhero movies coming out every year, the list of characters you can dress up as for this party theme just keeps growing! 🦸‍♀️

11. Princess party: Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida – take centre stage! 👑

12. Disney party: with almost a 100-year history, a Disney theme gives you loads of options! Everyone can pick a character from their favourite film and come together to create a great collage of Disney through the years. 😇

13. Alice in Wonderland party: go down the rabbit hole and into a world of crazy characters and adventure by hosting your own tea party! 🐇

14. Harry Potter party: the wizarding world has captivated us over the past 20 years and it’s hard to see this stopping! ✨

With your theme sorted, it’s time to think about all the other things you need to make your party a smash. Read our complete kids’ party guide to make sure you get everything right

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