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How To Find The Best Soft Play Hire In Surrey

Soft play hire surrey

Soft play is all the rage for children’s parties this year. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about soft play hire in Surrey. Whether you’re looking for soft play hire in your own venue or booking a soft play centre, a soft play party is a great option for keeping the smaller kids happy and thoroughly entertained.

At Kids Party Town, we’re home to some of Surrey’s best soft play hire suppliers. From cute neutral themed soft play to your child’s favourite colours! We’ve noticed that soft play parties are getting more and more popular so our advice is to book early!

Read our list of the 4 Best Soft Play Hire Suppliers Surrey here.

Soft Play Hire In Surrey

Kids Party Town is the best place to find trusted, vetted soft play hire suppliers in Surrey. We have suppliers covering all of Surrey including Crawley, Guildford, Croydon, Epsom, Reigate, Cobham, Esher, Dorking, Addlestone and all over.

Anyway, here’s everything you need to know if you’re throwing a soft play party in Surrey!

Who Is A Soft Play Party Good For?

Soft Play Toddler Party

Thinking of kids’ party ideas is often not as easy as it should be! Luckily, if you’re looking for 1st birthday ideas or toddler friendly party ideas, soft play is an easy, affordable idea that always delivers.

Soft play provides a safe and enjoyable environment that will keep babies and toddlers entertained but also provide a host of cognitive benefits (a welcome plus)! The great thing about soft play is that you can have a large set up if you have many little guests or book a smaller one for smaller groups.

It’s a really flexible option that can work with your budget, space and party size.

Things To Consider When Booking Soft Play Hire In Surrey

The Space

Most of the soft play hire suppliers on Kids Party Town offer both indoor and outdoor setups. They also offer setups that work with different spaces. 

If you have 30 toddlers to entertain, a soft play setup in the average living room probably won’t work but this might be just right for a small group of 1 year olds! 

The best thing to do is speak to the person you’re hiring from and provide them with the number of guests you’re hosting and the size of the space you’re working with.

Don’t forget if you plan to have an outdoor soft play party, you’ll need a rain contingency! Soft play is not a safe option for wet weather so you’ll need a backup just in case!

Safety & Quality Assurance

The truth is, not all suppliers are equal. Make sure you book with a reputable soft play provider who has a strong track record and whose equipment is tried and tested. Kids Party Town carry out due diligence on all their suppliers so you can be sure of this when you book with us. If you’re not booking with us:

  • Check reviews but be wary of fake reviews
  • Check how old the supplier’s equipment is

Don’t let your celebration be ruined with low quality soft play hire that isn’t safe or desirable for the kids to use!

Types of Soft Play

Soft play can range from soft climbing blocks and large netted climbing frames.

Soft Play For Hire

Here’s some of the types of soft play offered on Kids Party Town

Soft play is really changing and the designs and types are getting better every week. You can often find soft play with character themes such as dinosaur soft play, Paw Patrol soft play etc but there’s growing popularity for neutral set ups like white soft play, pink soft play etc. These set ups look amazing and you can vamp them up with balloon decor that matches your theme!

What Are The Benefits of Soft Play In General?

Whilst none of these things are the main motivation for your soft play party, none of them hurt. Soft play is not only safe and entertaining, it has a host of other benefits for your child and their young guests!

Cognitive development and growth. 

Soft play enhances the thought process and teaches young children about cause and effect. Navigating soft play enables children to explore and requires them to figure things out. It’s also good for the development of hand-eye coordination. 

Social Skills

A soft play party is the perfect way for baby and toddler party guests to come together and explore through play. 

Encourages motor development 

A soft play party is a fun and exciting way for children to work on stepping, climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling – all without the fear of falling (and anxiety for the parents)!

Improves Sleep

The other parents will thank you for this one! All that fun, playing with others, crawling, climbing, navigating the obstacles is absolutely exhausting. Your child and the young guests will be ready for a nice long nap and hopefully a great long sleep that night!

Read more about the benefits of soft play here.

How Much Does A Soft Play Party Cost?

This obviously depends on how big the package you choose is. On Kids Party Town, complete soft play set ups range anywhere from £120 to £700.

How Long Is A Soft Play Party

Most children’s parties run around 2 hours. However, most suppliers offer packages of between 4-6 hours which is great if you want to have a longer party or you’re having a party in your own home where the end time isn’t fixed!

How to Host A Soft Play Party

  • Work out your numbers
  • Choose your theme
  • Choose your venue
  • Find a soft play hire Surrey provider here – try to book at least 3 month early (more if your party is in the Summer)
  • Pick a package that works for your space and the number/age of guests
  • Book
  • Clarify set up and collection times with your supplier. Set up can take as long as an hour (something to bear in mind if you’re booking a venue)
  • Enjoy the party!

If you’re planning to throw a soft play party in Surrey in the next year, click here to find the best soft play hire in your local area. 

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