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5 Weird & Wonderful Kids’ Party Theme Ideas

5 Weird & Wonderful Kids’ Party Theme Ideas

It can be tough to come up with original kids’ party theme ideas. To inspire you, here are five party themes you might not have thought of before:

Come as something that begins with the first letter of your name

This party theme is sure to be fun and will bring lots of variety to your party! This could mean Sarah coming as a scuba diver, Paul as a pirate, Alex as an astronaut and Dan as a dinosaur! The possibilities for this theme are endless.

Olympics party

If your child is into sports and loves watching the Olympics, this party theme idea could be for you. Get everyone to dress in their best sports gear and host a mini-Olympics in your local park, your garden – or in the house, if you’re brave enough! 🏅 A soft play area and a bouncy castle would fit well for this theme. Check out this post for a cool example.

Owl party

Animal parties are very common – but how about a party based around just one animal? 🦉 Go specific and get everyone dressing up as an owl and doing their best hoots!

Teepee party

Rather than throwing a standard sleepover party, why not add something a bit different by making it a teepee party? They’re pretty easy to plan: all you need is a teepee and a mattress for each child and the rest is up to you!

Party Theme Ideas: Teepee Party

Dinosaur & princess party (& other hybrid party theme ideas!)

Why not mix two themes together and get everybody to combine dinosaurs and princesses in their costumes? 🦕👑 You can mix any two themes that don’t naturally go together to create a fun mix of costumes and decorations.

Planning a kids’ party can be quite overwhelming, with all of the different things there are to organise. Now that you’ve got some party theme ideas, our ultimate guide to throwing a kids’ party will cover all bases and help you to make sure you put together a great party for your child.

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[…] help make your celebration different, we’ve put together 5 weird & wonderful party theme ideas – even if you don’t pick one of these, hopefully, they’ll spark an idea that you’ve not […]

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