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28 Amazing Kids Party Ideas For 2022

28 Amazing Kids Party Ideas For 2022

So, you’re thinking about throwing a party for your child’s next birthday – but you’re struggling to come up with any kids’ party ideas!

We’ve put together 28 kids’ party ideas to give you some inspiration of things to include:

Kids’ party ideas for at home

1. Have a baking party – if you’re prepared to get your kitchen messy 🧁

2. Get the kids to make their own sweets/chocolate

3. Host a kids’ karaoke 🎤

4. Hire a magician ✨

5. Have a colourful, fluorescent disco 

6. Host a crafting party 

7. Hire a face painter 

8. Get a popcorn machine 🍿

9. Make ice poles based on your theme (like these superhero ones!)

10. If you’re hosting a pamper party, get personalised dressing gowns/pyjamas to commemorate the occasion

11. Include a puppet show (DIY or hire an entertainer)

12. Hire a balloon artist 🎈 (here’s an amazing example of what could be done for a Minecraft party)

13. Have a treasure hunt 

14. Include a competition: whether unicorn ring toss for a unicorn party, guessing how many sweets are in a jar or musical statues, this will add a bit of excitement

15. Hire a trampoline 

16. Prepare a big picnic and host your party in the garden (weather-dependent)

17. Hire an inflatable slide 

18. Get a ball pit

A Ball Pit Is One Of Many Great Kids Party Ideas

Ideas away from home:

19. Go to the pantomime 🎭 (if your child’s birthday is around Christmas)

20. Have an outdoor adventure at Go Ape

21. Treat the kids to a day at the circus 🎪

22. Go ice skating

23. Paintballing/laser tag (usually for children 8 and above)

24. Go-karting party

25. Take the kids to a trampoline park like Oxygen

26. Bowling party 🎳

Party bag ideas

27. Personalise each party bag with each child’s name (which makes a guest list very important!)

28. Party bags with your child’s favourite character on (like these ones for a superhero party)

Now that you’ve got some great ideas for your party, you’ll want to start thinking about everything else you’ll need. Don’t worry – our ultimate kids party guide is here to help.

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