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Become A Kids Party Town Supplier

Get more bookings and earn more money.

    Why Choose Kids Party Town?


    With 10s of 1000s of parents coming to the site each month, being a Kids Party Town supplier means you will get exposure to your target customer that may otherwise cost you hundreds of £s each month.

    Access Modern Technology


    Give customers the ultimate impression with online booking, automated notifications and updates and secure payments. As one of our suppliers, you get access to the same kind of booking technology used by companies like Airbnb.

    More Customers – More Money


    Our goal is to get you more bookings. Our technology enables parents who are actively looking for your service in your area to find you. If you have capacity for more bookings, Kids Party Town is the best solution for helping you fill it.

    How To Become A Kids Party Town Supplier

    1. List Your Services

    You’re in luck! Right now, you can add listings for your business for absolutely £0 – no strings, for 3 months. To ensure all of our suppliers get the most from their listing, we limit numbers so don’t miss out, list now.

    2. Start Getting Found By Parents

    Once you’ve created your listings (which is very easy to do), our technology will get to work and start driving the right people to you so you can start taking bookings right away.

    3. Earn Money

    Our instant book feature means you can start earning money right away.

    Nothing! For the next 3 months, there is absolutely no cost to Suppliers who create a listing with us. After that, provided you are getting bookings, there will be a monthly subscription fee of £20. With our lowest performing suppliers achieving at least 2 extra bookings (£100+ each) a month, this fee is well worth it and much cheaper than trying other marketing options like Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

    Parents love that they can pay securely through a reputable site and that they can instant book. Suppliers offering this and taking payments will have to pay a small transaction fee of 2.9%. (example: £2.90 on a £100 booking)

    Of course. BUT we only allow a certain number of suppliers on the platform at a time (this is to make sure that there is enough demand for the number of suppliers). We cannot promise that Listings will still be open if you choose not to sign up today.

    As a Kids Party Town supplier, you will get access to an online Live Chat system. Customers can talk to you through this (you can also set it up to provide automated answers). Customers like this as it feels like they are talking to a real person and is much quicker than traditional communication methods like phone, email. 


    Various communications such as balance payment reminders, confirmation of attendance etc will be carried out automatically through Kids Party Town. Parents love this as it gives them added peace of mind AND it means you can focus less on the admin side of your bookings!

    Obviously this depends on what you charge and how your listing performs. Some of our suppliers earn an additional £2000+ per month whilst our lowest performing Suppliers achieve an additional 2 bookings per month than when they were not listing on Kids Party Town. This is around £200 extra in their pockets each month! Naturally, we can’t guarantee you will earn anything on the platform – a lot is to do with your offer, your reviews and your price – but we will be there to advise you and help you achieve the most!

    When creating your account, we’ll ask you to provide bank details so that we can pay you for your bookings. If your listing is set to a non-refundable deposit option, this money (less any fees) will be sent to you within 24 hours of booking. The balance of any money you earn as a Kids Party Town Supplier will typically be paid to you 24 hours after the event date.


    Once a transfer is initiated, it will typically arrive in your bank between 1-3 working days. 


    You can choose not to take bookings directly on Kids Party Town and instead just take enquiries Suppliers choosing this option however will have limited features. You will not be able to get reviews on the platform and we will not be able to offer those customers our Guarantee. Customers will also not be able to see your calendar and availability. Reviews, availability checking and the Guarantee are major factors in encouraging parents to book with you so instant book is the best possible option.

    Creating a listing is very easy. Once you sign up, you will be taken through the process step by step. We will then assign you a KPT Concierge who will work with all the information you provide to create a listing that is best positioned for SALES! Your KPT Concierge will be an expert marketer and is something we provide to all Suppliers at no extra cost!